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Home inspector in Tampa performing a wind mitigation inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspections in Tampa

For three years now your homeowner’s insurance has steadily increased. Every year your insurance company sends you a notice that your insurance is going up…again.


But this year is different. 


You didn’t get the standard rate increase this year. Nope, instead, your rate doubled. What makes matters worse is there’s no apparent reason for this increase. 


Your roof is still in good shape. In fact, you recently had some upgrades. So why does your insurance keep going up?


Here’s the thing; your insurance company could be operating under assumed knowledge that’s costing you thousands. 

Depending on your situation, a wind mitigation inspection in Tampa could save you money on your rising insurance bill.

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Wind mitigation in Florida is mostly about preventing your roof from lifting off your house in the event of a major storm or hurricane. You’re mitigating the wind’s ability to damage your home.


A wind mitigation inspection in Tampa observes the existing construction connections. 


Here are the main areas we check for and what you can expect your home inspector to look at...

Roofing a House
A wind mitigation inspection in Tampa includes a roof inspection

Roofing Mitigation

There are several different ways to connect your roof rafters to the walls of your home: clips, straps, toe-nailed, and a couple other outliers. All of these are perfectly legitimate ways to put a roof on a house. But some harbor less risk than others, which is why it might affect your insurance rates.


When our wind mitigation inspectors observe your attic, we report on what method of securing the roof was used. Double strapping is one of the best ways to mitigate the risk of wind damage. 

Windows and Doors

Wind mitigation in Tampa also includes the openings into your house; namely, windows and doors. We check the level of impact rating for your windows and doors – including garage doors. 


An important note to remember is that your home is only as strong as your weakest link.


That means if you replace windows in your home, but decide to leave a few of the old windows, the insurance judges based on the weakest link, which would be your old windows. So don't expect a decrease on your insurance.

If your door has a window in it, then it’s judged as a window not a door. You can check to see if your windows are impact rated by looking at the tag, label, or etching on your window. 


If your window doesn’t have a label or etching then it’s not impact-rated.

Windows and doors are often the weakest link for wind mitigation tampa
Roofing a House
wind mitgation inspections in tampa include garage doors

Shutters & Garage Doors

But if you have shutters for those windows then we judge by the coverings’ impact rating and not the window’s impact rating. 


This includes some plyboard shutters. But you do need permanent mounting hardware for these window coverings, and you also must store the plyboard on your property. You can learn more about the specifics here.


Now garage doors are easier. They are certified with a label or a chart on the door specifying its impact or pressure rating.

FAQs for
Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspections

What’s a Wind Mitigation 4 Point Inspection?

A wind mitigation 4 point inspection doesn’t exist. It’s actually two different inspections. But they’re two different inspections that we often do together because the insurance company usually wants you to get both.

A 4 point inspection checks that your electrical, roofing, plumbing, and HVAC are operating safely. And a wind mitigation lets the insurance company know how your roof is attached to the walls of your house.


How much does wind mitigation save on insurance?

How much wind mitigation saves you on your insurance relies on how your house was built and your own insurance variables. A wind mitigation is not a guarantee that you’ll save money, but I can say that I’ve had homeowners save as much as $6,000 after getting a wind mitigation inspection.


It was a simple case of the insurance company thinking her house was toe-nailed because they didn’t have an inspection. But when I did the wind mitigation inspection, I found that her roof was strapped with three nails. So she saved $6,000 – all over a nail. 


Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection Required in Florida?

Yes, a wind mitigation inspection is required for most single family homes. Now, there are a few exceptions like condos or townhomes. But even if you fall into one of those exceptions, it’s important to know that if you don’t get a wind mitigation inspection, then your insurance company assumes the worst case scenario. 


Check with your agent to see if there’s an HOA that handles the wind mitigation or if you need to get one yourself.

How Long Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection Good for?

A wind mitigation inspection is good for five years or when you change policies in the state of Florida. 

How much Does a Wind Mitigation Inspection Cost?

If you’re purchasing it by itself, then a wind mitigation inspection starts at $95. 


But something to be aware of is that when your insurance company asks you for a 4 point inspection they typically also want a wind mitigation inspection as well. So if your insurance agent doesn’t mention a wind mitigation, ask them about it anyway.


When you purchase a wind mitigation and 4 point inspection together the bundle price starts at $130 for both.

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